Bob is an ex-convict who was arrested for breaking and entering, as well as theft. He doesn't have any living relatives and all of his friends cut off contact with him as soon as he was arrested. He has just been released after 2 years in prison and he has decided that he is going to get his life back together. After 2 years in prison he determines that the first thing he needs to do is take a walk and just think about his life. He walks through the woods by the prison and he starts to go further and further, until the prison is no longer in view. He loses track of time and it starts to get dark. He starts to make his way back, but as he is about to turn around, he sees something that catches his eye. He walks over to it and he finds a strange looking weapon. He decides to pick it up because he realizes that it's way too dark to travel back and the weapon could possibly protect him from any creatures that could be lurking in the woods. As he's walking back he sees something out of the corner of his eye and as he turns he is suddenly bombarded by boos coming from all directions. He decides to try out the weapon on the boos and to his amazement it works. He starts shooting them with the RAYgun and that starts the fight for his life that will only be over at sunrise.